Do you enjoy destroying Technicals just to see Rebels flying off? Then this release is made just for you


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Rise of the East v2.1 FULL

Rise of the East v2.2 Release

What's New

Another massive changelog, so as usual, if you like reading walls of text then head over to this link right here which includes changes leading up to release. (beta & revision changes etc).

As always, major changes are highlighted below:

  • GLA enabled for multiplayer
  • 3 stage veterancy is now enabled in all SP missions and challenges
  • First Generals China Mission is playable
  • First Allies vs GLA Challenge is playable
  • Over 40 new MP maps
  • New Asian Structures (Defenses only to begin with)
  • Completed Mod Website + Unit Descriptions/Guide
  • New Client!
  • Balance Overhaul round 4 (tiered balancing)


The much anticipated, war crime loving faction is here. Pick between Scarab Cell if you want durable vehicles and explosives, or Scorpion Cell if you want to melt your enemies with toxins.

GLA plays differently from other factions as they do not need power to operate any structures. They are also dependant on bounty rewards as their economy is made up only of infantry slaves - as such bounty is made available to them at T2 instead of T3 like other factions. GLA can also build unlimited Black Markets to boost its economy.

You can check out their full vehicle arsenal here:glaboizzzzz

Curious about their infantry? You'll just have to download the update!

Some of their units gain scrap upgrades via veterancy. Scrap upgradeable units gain their initial veteran rank 50% faster than normal units, as long as the player owns at least one Arms Dealer.

Scrap upgrades give various upgrades including; damage bonus via additional or brand new weapon, bonus HP and even bonus range.

The faction is still in its early stages, so Naval warfare is made up of mostly "stolen" tech from other factions for the sake of balancing out water-based maps.

The overall design is complete but of course, the buildings will receive a complete redesign in the future, after the East Asian structures are completed.

3 Stage Veterancy in Missions

A feature almost as old as the mod itself, 3 stage veterancy was introduced to C&C back in Generals and made its way into Rise of the East multiplayer in 2.1. It now also applies to single player missions and challenges.

  • Veteran: Bonus HP and ROF + up to 50% self heal/repair
  • Elite: Bonus HP + short mid-combat heal/repair + up to 75% self heal/repair
  • Heroic: Bonus movement speed, ROF and damage + up to 100% self heal/repair
    • Infantry: Automatic Scatter, Mind Control immunity
    • Vehicles: EMP immunity, Mind Control immunity
    • Aircraft: Radar Invisibility, some gain Stealth


Generals Missions and Challenges

The intention is to have all Generals and ZH missions remade into RA2 missions. The first Chinese mission is here. It's complete for the most part but there will be improvements in the future.

You can expect the first GLA mission soon.

Cutscenes as usual will be an addon download via the client. But the first missions will have their cutscenes included.

Here's what to expect from the first mission, although more polished than the WIP vid

Some loading screen fun - I decided to stay true to the RA2 format


CNCNet Client Update

As promised, a new client look is also here along with new features and improvements + optimizations

New East Asian Structures

The first (small) round of new structures is in. The new defense artwork is finished and ingame as of 2.2. All other structures are pending their animations being finished.

new pew pew

Unit Descriptions & Guide

The website is finally finished(ish). All that is left is adjusting the stats on all items, which will be done shortly.


What's Next?

Here's what you can expect from 2.2 and 2.3:

  • Visual improvements
  • Total AI overhaul
    • Featuring tech level based difficulties and tiers for all skill levels
  • All new East Asian structures (soon™)
  • More challenge maps + no faction lock
  • More Generals campaign, starting with GLA mission 1 in a couple of weeks
  • New, exclusive (somewhat) MP maps

That's it, the year is wrapped! You made it through that wall of text. I hope you enjoy the update and don't forget to:


otherwise you are a


Until next time ;)